Technical Service Policy

With our skilled and experienced team who have been trained abroad and domestically,

consisting of engineers and technicians, we provide Technical Services to more than 1500 systems throughout the country.


Our technical service, which is one of the most effective points to ensure the continuity of the systems after the sales process, provides service by acting with the principle of 24/7 with all of its mobile staff spread all over the country. As long as the physical transportation is possible, our intervention to the farthest corners of the country does not exceed 24 hours.


Taking into consideration the regional troubles controlling operations from a single point may cause, it has been divided under the offices located in İzmir, Istanbul and Ankara, and the general daily organization of each region has been organized accordingly. All results and applications are transferred to the headquarters daily.


Our ISO-certified Technical Service offices serve the existing regional personnel, where they can easily get Technical Service training and perform preventive maintenance. Logistics and Technical Service spare parts stocks of the team, which served the majority of the country at these stations, were created separately within the regional warehouses.